Angelica Hamilton

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Angelica is a 12 year old artist, Grade 7 homeschool student, creative writer, adventurer, and amateur mycologist.  Angelica is interested in all forms of art, especially drawing, painting and fibre arts.  She is passionate about equality and respect for all people, and hopes for a world where bullying does not exist.  Angelica’s goal is to become a professional artist and animator who hunts for mushrooms and lives in tune with nature. 

Angelica wants to help the world understand that everyone is beautiful, and equal and should be treated with respect.

A geode is a beautiful crystal embedded in an ugly rock. From the outside, you wouldn’t know there was anything interesting on the inside. The words on this canvas are cruel, cold, unfeeling, violent, ugly. I am twelve years old. I am in Grade 7. These are real texts. I thought that maybe by making an art piece about how it feels to look at my phone and read those words I would feel some kind of closure. But it didn’t. The weird thing is, I wish the person who sent me the texts could just apologize so that they feel better. Because right now they are so filled with hate, they can’t see all the colours inside of me. They just see an ugly rock.


Mixed medium