John Hewson

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28 years in Canada from the UK, falling in love with the wide open spaces of Algonquin Park, working a strategic creative direction industry I never really fulfilled the artist, or the LGBTQ+ in me. In Whistler I helped organize the arts showing my photography and tabling in short community film events, much of my life documented on film after being given a camera for my 10th birthday.

Shooting from the hip since age 10, the iPhone replaces the heavy SLR, back pocket readiness wins over zoom crispness, until the need presents, breeding scramble or hike to get in close and tight.

When we notice life’s details, the colour texture mood, we come alive, inspired to love life and appreciate nature’s many delights.

Alive in nature, dwelling on details, changing light, seasons, notice and absorb.

In high school we ran the film club, 16mm film flying through the projector, vibrant images blasted upon the screen. Friends obsessed with war, shared images by Time Life etching black and white horrors in my mind. London museums showcase colourful nuance; Norman Parkinson, David Hockney, Annie Leibovitz, Mapplethorpe madness, Bowie and Blondie, each make their mark in time and texture.

Nature’s snag on Alpine peaks, a deeper cut Algonquin Park, Lake Opeongo staring into the vast night sky, realizing I can’t possibly capture any of this.

Greg Stump and Blake Jorgenson, skier-shooters, captured the excitement of nature’s thrill on film. Living in Whistler shooting on the go, now settled into Lund with treehouse view, nature seduces daily hikes and delights, forest walk or ocean bound.

May these images have you notice again, or for the first time.
Step closer, embrace nature’s beauty, in all her radiant abundant glory.
There’s nothing unique here, simply that which catches the eye. Hike and shoot until the battery runs out, free to roam, feeling, our eyes, brain and senses see more than any lens can.
See and feel it with your heart. Created with heart, hands and mind.
Advocate & artist, open to collaborate, willing to rise to any creative challenge…
What the Plus +
Two spirits, we are blessed, made of female and male, of dark and light, and all the colours in between. Full spectrum human bio-beings, feeling, touching, thinking, sharing.
Diverse, equal, free.
Please enjoy. What do you see?
Life is art… we’re all nature… perfectly imperfect… vulnerably thriving… living loving beings… 

John Hewson – Arbutus Obsession video projection

Arbutus 1
Arbutus 3
Installation view