Kathryn Neun

I was born in Toronto, studied music and visual arts, exhibiting in ON, AB, NS, BC. Graphic art is my passion, a language compatible with observing nature. I believe communication is fundamental for survival, but economics has wrested the upper hand. I work to change the normalization of capitalism and militarization.

Kathryn Neun

carriage of vision   

1/4 edition serigraph on stonehenge 250 gsm

oil-based ink, hand painted edition


The archetypal labyrinthe is revealed through contemplation, mapped in dream, alternatively envisioned and visualized.

Dream occurs. Enter a cavern where community gather. Walk, guided by labyrinthine paths. Tiring, lie down to sleep. Wake, to realize surrounding warm earth colours- maze vulva extending and deepening fertile matrix.

Walk with carriage of vision__transparent skin of existence.

underground __ kite

frottage of eggshell template with variegated pencil on translucent paper,

bamboo, tape, glue, twine


Contemplation augments our experience of compassion.

underground __kite

is an expression of suddenness.


merges complementary motifs of whole liberation; a transitional healing arena released in joyful growth.

I drew a linear maze to include path options, open-endedness. To construct the drawn format I placed coiling paper strips on a board. A three-dimensional maze provided the perspective to see and draw from several angles. Thus I worked with the maze as seen from above. One angular maze is translated in a template drawn of crushed egg shells. A variegated pencil was used in the method of frottage upon translucent paper. These rubbings form the kite ‘wings’. The serigraph is a heightened oblong depiction of the labyrinthe, the watercolour as well.

sky moulting why

Watercolour on Winsor and Newton watercolour paper 350 gsm


Unenthused with the watercolour of a grounded labyrinthe, I began upending the horizon parallel. I thought about my childhood memory of perspective and that gallery. Too, I had forgotten about Other Worldness seen: “In the blinking of an eye” envisioning.

I began to see the labyrinthe in descent or ascent, to appear and disappear. While I have never truly forgotten my wildest vision, I wonder if the maze may be more a visualization. Others may have envisioned a maze. I offer it to you, perhaps it is your vision. Sky moulting why.