We put together a Q(uee)R Zine made up from your submissions of drawings, sketches, comics, photos, collages, poems and short writing samples, plus show notes and information.

We have a limited edition 100 copies of a 12-page mini Zines that we’re calling QR Zine (employ a QR code and augmented media aspects leading to this webpage) and, yes, the Q(uee)R is part of the title too.

Pick up QR Zine at the Art Centre ~ qathet Public Gallery (215-6975 Alberni Street, Powell River BC – on the 2nd floor from the Powell River Public Library) throughout the duration of the What the Plus Art Exhibition – July 22-August 7, 2021 Open Tues, Thurs, Sat 12-5PM.

Suggested donation of $3 ea. will help pay the artists.

Download your own here (2 pages per side of sheet 8.5″x11″; print double sided; 3 pages double sided = 12 page zine).

Special additional online-only content

Dried Fruit

When I am gone

and the matter of

how to dispose 

of my mortal remains


May I suggest

you bury me

in berries? —

Straw-berries, rasp-

berries, blue-berries…

Burial berries, heaped 

upon me, trickling down 

Fermenting, with me

Black, oh yes, BLACK

berries, cherries, too:

Bing, Moreno, Rainier

choke-cherries; second thought

nix these: “been-there/woulda-done-it”

Thimble, Logan, Boysen

berries, currants, mulberries, gojis

All the colours, the sours

and the sweets…

Salmon, goose, even elder

berries, if I’ve made it

this far and am, thus


Why content myself 

with pushing up the daisies

when I can aspire

to whole orchards?


Failing the above

I suppose I could be persuaded

to go for

pushing up the pansies

I can live with this

© Ian Cognitō 2021

Schoolyard Contagion

Remember the “cooties”—

an imaginary disease that could

somehow impart

the qualities

of a different other

to an unsuspecting victim?

“Girl cooties” threatened

to make girls

out of boys, to

bestow girl-like qualities to

any lad intent on preserving

his tenuous male identity—

the mantle of manhood

that beckoned, which was ordained

in increments of Man-dom

as boys matured, and made ready

to assume their hairy place

in the World

There were elite cooties, too

emanating from the bullied—

kids whose differentness, whose

uniqueness fated them 

to become the butt of jokes, of

teasing or worse—human fodder for

an urge to scapegoat, to distract

attention away from oneself—

one’s own shortcomings—

Here were our erstwhile zombies

so potentially infectious

Not to be touched, accepted

or included—not ever

without fingers crossed 

or a determination

to pass ‘It’ along 

to cast away contagion

Conformity demanded

the ‘cooties’; social engineering

had early ingress

in our day

And still does, I suppose​​​​​

© Ian Cognitō 2021


see yourself

force it 

play it

Pinch it rouge

filtered wrinkles

digitally ironed

folicular enhancements.

A milky mouse quadrant on insta

or boomerang looped the tick to kik

of time

our time and their time.

Really show yourself, they said,

as you will.

It’s just a look,

and looks fade,

and morph –

as they always have.

But your colours remain –

loose, smudged but

ummistakenly your own.