We are in the process of putting together a Q(uee)R Zine made up from your submissions of drawings, sketches, comics, photos, collages, poems and short writing samples, crossword puzzles… almost anything along the main festival theme of Creative Self-Portrait PLUS we will produce QR codes to link to your online-only content and links to your other work!

We’re aiming to produce 250 copies of a 12-(or so) page mini Zine that we’re calling QR Zine (as it will employ QR codes and augmented media aspects) and, yes, the QueeR is part of the title too.

Pick up QR Zine at the Art Centre ~ qathet Public Gallery (215-6975 Alberni Street, Powell River BC – on the 2nd floor from the Powell River Public Library) throughout the duration of the What the Plus Art Exhibition – July 22-August 7, 2021 Open Tues, Thurs, Sat 12-5PM.

Suggested donation of $2 (optional) ea. will help pay the artists.