They Day

LISTEN TO AN EXCERPT FROM THEYDAY copyright andrea k bennett, 2020

Friday, July 17th What the Plus (+) presented “Theyday”: An exploration of the way queer identities have evolved over time, including the initialism LGBTQ+ and its additions and spaces and everything in-between by Andrea Bennett, the author of four books, including the forthcoming Like a Boy but Not a Boy with Arsenal Pulp Press.

Theyday was a Zoom talk and discussion, led by writer, editor, and illustrator andrea bennett, about the in-between spaces of queerness, such as the plus of LGBTQ+. Audience members were invited to send discussion questions and comments ahead of the event, and Nola Poirier lead a Q&A at the end of the talk.

Here’s a longer list of topics that the Theyday talk covered: 

  • Cheesy they/them puns!
  •  Non-binary identity
  •  “Alphabet soup” – Language, labels, and kinship terms
  • What the + in LGBTQ+ stands for 
  • What possibilities the + offers
  • What the + may be obscuring
  • The concept of umbrella terms
  • What possibilities “queer” offers
  • “Queer” and politics
  • Umbrella terms as spaces of comfort
  • Umbrella terms as ways to find friends and chosen families 
  • What non-queer people can learn from the spaces queer people have opened up 

They Day was sponsored and made possible through a grant from